Letter to the Field

Embrace diverse perspectives

“As the field grows, there are more and more different perspectives that are represented. But that in itself is a lot of work, let alone knowing and understanding faculty issues and understanding students, nobody can really do all of that.” – Gerardo

Challenge market-driven internationalization

“Internationalization over the past decades has moved from a much more cooperative exercise of, exchange of students, exchange of faculty joint curriculum development to a competitive marketization.” – Hans

Engage with the Global South

“From the start, it has been always very much engaged with the Global South, and that has always been part of my approach in internationalization.” – Hans

Evolve leadership to new realities

“We have shifted from a one director structure to a distributed leadership structure. We say this all the time, the center is the network… the network is going to continue no matter what. “ – Rebecca

Foster inclusive growth

“One of the ways that the field has grown has been actually the creation of higher education centers, that study higher education domestically, but in places where they haven’t done it before.” – Rebecca

See smallness as a strength

“They were really surprised, always when they saw that this was our office… but we always then said, it might look like a weakness, but it is a strength.” – Hans

Mentor the next generation of scholars​

“That was the case when Phil was the director. That was the case when Hans was the director. It’s the case now, and I think it will always be the case because the next generation is involved.” –Rebecca

Deepen academic friendships

“I still have this imagined idea that we met somewhere in between McGuinn and the Lynch school, on the street, but it might also be that we were maybe on a joint event or something like that. we met and talked and was clear that we had, several joint interests in the field.” – Hans

Build networks

“The center has always had this tradition of learning about higher education systems with people who work within those higher education systems.” -Rebecca

Advocate without owning

“How do we advocate, how do we push for something without owning it? I never would want to be the person that owns or gatekeeps knowledge on a particular area… Because once you own it, you limit new possibilities.” – Gerardo