Letter to the Field

Offer a different point of view

“I think right now I would just offer a vision of hope because I think it’s easy not to have it right now.” – Gerardo

Get real

“I also think there are other stakeholders for higher education that we’re not even considering yet. Think that’s going to be kind of a next level set of considerations to have for the future.” – Gerardo

Take a chance on technology

In the early days of the internet, I mean the very early days, one of my doc students came to me and said, ‘Hey, Phil, we should put this on the internet and have a website.’ – Phil

Embrace diverse perspectives

“As the field grows, there are more and more different perspectives that are represented. But that in itself is a lot of work, let alone knowing and understanding faculty issues and understanding students, nobody can really do all of that.” – Gerardo

Advocate without owning

“How do we advocate, how do we push for something without owning it? I never would want to be the person that owns or gatekeeps knowledge on a particular area… Because once you own it, you limit new possibilities.” – Gerardo