Letter to the Field

Offer a different point of view

“I think right now I would just offer a vision of hope because I think it’s easy not to have it right now.” – Gerardo

Challenge market-driven internationalization

“Internationalization over the past decades has moved from a much more cooperative exercise of, exchange of students, exchange of faculty joint curriculum development to a competitive marketization.” – Hans

Appreciate the complexity of context

“We want to understand the complexity of context and what does that mean in the relationships, that we have as institutions of higher education, as systems of higher education, and how we have to relate that to policy making in the real world.” – Hans

Adopt a critical perspective

“We have been quite critical… and that critical aspect I think has always been a very important basis for the center… and because I am responsible to nobody for nothing, we can just say what we want. And, we’ve been very happy to do that over time.” – Phil