Letter to the Field

Build a culture of curiosity

“I have a lot of ideas, and, many of them, I push, and the only small percentage of that is happening, but it is much better to do that than having just one or two ideas in your life and, even if you’re not always successful or too limited in your approach.” – Hans

See smallness as a strength

“They were really surprised, always when they saw that this was our office… but we always then said, it might look like a weakness, but it is a strength.” – Hans

Mentor the next generation of scholars​

“That was the case when Phil was the director. That was the case when Hans was the director. It’s the case now, and I think it will always be the case because the next generation is involved.” –Rebecca

Deepen academic friendships

“I still have this imagined idea that we met somewhere in between McGuinn and the Lynch school, on the street, but it might also be that we were maybe on a joint event or something like that. we met and talked and was clear that we had, several joint interests in the field.” – Hans

Build networks

“The center has always had this tradition of learning about higher education systems with people who work within those higher education systems.” -Rebecca